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Best Rugs Manufacturer in India

Vimla International Best Rugs Manufacturer in India Is Making Largest Collection Of Rugs And Carpet. In Myriad Colors And Patterns That’s Why Vimla International Is Best Rugs And Carpet Company In India.

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Jaipur rugs and carpets The image of traditional Rajasthani royal home or haveli is incomplete without the lush carpets and rugs. The royal families and affluent families could afford heavy and expensive carpets. The common people used to weave rugs and dhurries using old cloth pieces. Jaipur’s rugs and carpets made up …
Rugs galore! I mean really, don’t by a rug anywhere other than here. I waited to come here until the day before I went to the palace and had already spent way past my shopping budget on jewelry at Diane’s shop but ended up buying five rugs, as one does when encountered …
Remember, we shared with you the life story of the oldest employee of Vimla Rugs, Kesar amma, a few days ago? Vimla Rugs is the factory from where our Interior Designer, Vikram, procured the exquisite hand-woven rugs for our new office, #IWBungalow! After having talked to Kesar amma, our team and I were looking around, observing women working on …


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