Best Cotton Rugs In India

Vimla International is manufacturing Best Cotton Rugs in India. This kind of cotton rugs are most popular rug flat weave.These Rugs are manufactured by tightly interweaving. The warp and weft strands of the weave to produce a flat surface with no pile.


Best Cotton Rugs In India,Our team make the rug with our own design.Our all rugs are unique. My team is involved in weaving from generations. And they are well expert in to make any designs. Rug weaving is not only a source for income. It also this is the way of describe their happiness, thought. This is a art of peace loving Indian people.

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Handmade Cotton rugs is the best way to decorate your space. This is the symbol of royalty and prosperity. There are so many ways which you can use for decorating your home. You can use handmade Cotton rugs in the living room and bedroom. You can use rugs in corridor and kitchen. You can use handmade rugs according to the sizes and design.


Cotton Carpets Manufacturer Flat weave cotton rugs take 45 to 50 days to make. In this time duration these rugs goes into 12-15 different different units. These rugs are the source of income of 15 person. It mean if you use this rug in your home. Then you are directly giving work to 15-20 persons.This Rug is Crafted by 100% Natural Cotton. This is the pure cotton in mordern design with 100% fast color. This is use for flooring Woven Durries. Offered are modern, stylish and vibrant in terms of use of color. Designs and patterns. That helps in providing an enhanced finished look to these durries.We are Best Cotton Carpets Manufacturer

* Hand washable

* Fast colours

* Both side usable

* Long durability