Rugs Online

We have pleasure to introduce our self as Vimla international Rugs Online, which is best Rug Manufacturer company in India. We have our own manufacturing unit at Banskhoh and showroom at Jaipur. Vimla International has beautiful and largest collection of Rugs and Carpets. We have Rugs In natural fibers like- Cotton, Wool, Silk, Hemp etc. We have perfect quality of rugs in cotton, wool jute, cotton jute, hemp wool etc blended rugs. We also make Cushions and Bags from Dhurrie. Our rugs are printed by Block and screen, dyed by indigo and suitable dyes for fibers which is to be used, we manufacture our rugs on hand loom.  We introduce our Rugs online also. Our rugs are handmade woven rugs. We have large collection in indigo also. We work for giving our weavers a bright future and a respectful life. Rugs Online We have so many Types of products that we do online like- Cotton Flat Weave Dhurrie, Cotton Shuttle Rug, Cotton Printed Durry, Wool Silk Rug, Printed Embroidery Rugs, Wool Kilim Dhurrie, Wool Jute Kilim Rugs, Woolen Tufted Carpets, Cotton Chindi Rug, Hemp Jute Rug, Indigo Dabu Printed Rug, Hand Knotted Carpets, Dhurrie Bags and Clutches, Jute Tote and Duffle Bags, Natural Fiber Rugs, Cushion Covers, Door Mats, Yoga Rugs, Area Rug, Moroccan Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Outdoor Rug, Shag Rug. Vimla International is Best Carpet Company in India because we provide our customers convenience to customize. The Rugs and Carpets manufacture according to their Interior of house. We can make any kind of handmade Rugs in any design, any color from our color roll and any size. We are not working for too much profit. Our company is base on to make our villager’s and weaver’s life better and to make their faces happy and also to give their children best education and pleasure environment. We have a Charity Foundation ‘Weaving The Future’ (Wtf). Under this foundation we are working for our weavers. Vimla International started our business with one or two products but now days we are Manufacturing Ocean of products. Rug online is also part of this.