Best Dhurrie Bag in Jaipur Louis Vuitton and Gucci may be hot items in New York, London and Paris, but the dhurrie bag is fast becoming a status symbol in the Southwest.

Dhurrie bags are made from hand-woven cotton rugs imported from India.

“It’s the handbag of the ’80s,” said Tim Cappelli, who takes credit for the idea of transforming Oriental-type rugs into purses, belts and shoes.

Cappelli, owner of T. Cappelli in Plano, Texas, said he developed the dhurrie bag in his garage five years ago. And like Vuitton and Gucci products, other companies quickly copied the look.Dhurries are commonly knows as rugs and are mostly made of cotton. They are lightweight and easy to maintain.Best Dhurrie Bag in Jaipur

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