Best Printed Cushions in India Printed cushions are such a wonderful way to transform a room and they make a visual statement quite unlike anything else in our homes.

There is so much potential when it comes to pillowcase and cushion printing, offering you and your customers the chance to stand out from the crowd with your home furnishings. So if you are interested in cushion or pillow cover printing, read on to find out more about this service

In addition to bleached and unbleached cotton drills and panamas, we’ve now included cotton/linen blends and fine calicos in bleached and unbleached finishes, bleached cotton sateen plus dyed cotton drills and panamas.


You can also order whatever size and shape of cushion you want (up to 60cm square) plus fabrics which can be mixed-and-matched on the fronts and reverses, as well as printing on both sides.Best Printed Cushions in India


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