Best Embroidery Rugs Manufacturer Knot count, also known as knot density, is the number of hand tied knots within a certain area of a rug. Determining knot count must be done by close examination of the back of a rug. Understanding knot count requires some understanding of how rugs are constructed.

Best Embroidery Rugs Manufacturer There is much more to an oriental rug than you think. The Knot count tells us how fine the rug really is. This is important because it tells us the level of detail a rug will have. The finer the rug the more unique the design can be.

For example, pixels in a photograph the higher the count, the smoother and less pixelated the image becomes. Whether the pattern is a fine, curvilinear floral (like the rug on the left below) with a higher knot count, or a less fine, geometric pattern (like the rug on the right ) with a lower knot count, just knot count alone does not identify that one rug is better quality than the other.

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