Best Jute Hemp Rugs The sisal we use is superior-grade grown on plantations in Tanzania, East Africa. This extremely strong fiber is obtained from the long, green leaves of the Agave Sisalana cactus plant. Each leaf contains approximately 1,000 fibers that are extracted, washed, sundried, brushed, graded and bailed. The remaining plant is used to produce electricity, which supports Tanzania’s economy and helps energize rural areas and to feed farm animals.

Sisal is used in many hard-wearing products, including twines for marine and bailing, ropes, plaster reinforcements and dartboards. The same qualities of strength that make the fiber preferred in these products make it ideal for floor covering.

The best Jute Hemp  Seagrass is made from the Sedge family of plants, which grow in the low-lying areas of the Asia-Pacific region. The perennial grasses are harvested from paddy fields that are flooded with seawater during the growing cycle. When the grass is mature, the fields are drained and the plants are cut and bundled. Workers twist (or ply) the grass entirely by hand and send it to be woven into carpet.

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