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A Journey with Vimla International Family

Our Customers check in my Jaipur showroom and look our collection. Then if they are interested to visit manufacturing unit then we pick them from their hotel in our car and the happy journey begins.

Journey begins from car but in rural area they have to go on loom by Bike, Camel cart, Open jeep, they way start from highway and suddenly it turned into single lane road between the mustard, Millet field. Some time group of cows, buffalo and sheep stop your way and the destinations goes long.

After getting the destination customers come out from vehicles and see children all around them. Then they took selfie with them or they give some time chocolates and gifts to them that make them so happy and the seen look so beautiful..

Then customer goes to the loom where they see their order rugs and process of rug and take so many pictures of rug being made. After the all work when sun is brighter they took rest and take Rajasthani food that is lovingly served by local people.

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